The Greatest Weapon of Motivational Speakers – Inspiration

The ultimate goal of motivational speaking is to stimulate and empower people to try to make positive changes in their life. But to effect this change and make this change permanent so that it can be translated to productivity or whatever it is that must be achieved, a speaker must provide his/her audience with inspiration.

Experiences: The source of Inspiration

Speaking can be learned and perfected through practice but inspiration comes from within. Inspired motivational speakers will inevitably and constantly exude inspiration like an aura that affects all the people around them. Inspiration may come from your own wealth of personal experiences, that is you could have emerged victorious from a difficult ordeal or if you are armed with a powerful insight, you can also use the experiences of others as your source of inspiration and communicate it to people in such a way that they too may feel inspired. Seeing a butterfly struggling to get out of its cocoon during a morning walk in the garden can be used to deliver a powerful message about change and the beauty it can bring.

Motivational SpeakerInspiration must also be tangible, that is, people must feel it all the time when speaker is around. People must see it on the speaker’s demeanor and how they deal with others and with adversities. The speaker’s reputation, behavior and character are perhaps the greatest tools to inspire people. Great motivational speakers inspire people to be successful by showing living a life of success.

Conveying Inspiration: The Power of Storytelling

It is not enough that the audience see and feel inspiration from motivational speakers. Most of the time, it is necessary that you dig deeper into the audience and touch something inside of them so deep, that they will be convinced that whatever idea you are selling can also apply to them. This maybe the primary reason why sometimes, religion and appeal to values works! This is where the power of storytelling comes to play. Ever wondered why movies and novels appeal to people? It is because these works touch people’s emotions – it shows them that they are not the only ones feeling love, hardships or triumphs. Persuasion may come with appealing to the intellectual side of people but inspiration digs deeper to people’s desires and values. The way how motivational speakers tell a story can incite familiar emotions that make the audience identify with the speaker, making them open for suggestions and the idea for change. However, you must take caution not to sound so bragging and self-righteous lest the audience may think that you are self-absorbed and does not really care to your audience.

How to keep people inspired

Inspiration is like a fire, once kindled, you should keep it burning if you want to stay warm. People may get inspired in speaking engagements but only some of them will continue to get inspired when they get home and start to face their realities. The point is, inspiration will just become a transient thing for most. Motivational speakers can keep people inspired by having supplemental written material such as self-help books or articles for the audience so that even if the speaker is not there, the fire of inspiration will still remain burning. Exploiting the power of social media will also do the trick. You can use Twitter and Facebook accounts to tweet and post motivational quotes for your followers. Your reputation and how you live your life is also a potent weapon to keep people inspired. Live what you preach to show people the true meaning of success. This would truly inspire people to make them emulate and listen to your teachings.

An motivational speaker is an effective speaker should be able to speak to his audience on a personal level.

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Choosing the Right Attachment to Custom Lanyards

Today, lanyards are being widely used in organizations and events. In fact, it has become an SOP for conference and event organizers to provide custom lanyards with ID tags to participants.

Custom lanyardsWhen customizing lanyards, you need to know the right attachment needed given your aim. For example, hospitals will need lanyards with a certain kind of attachment that can be easily broken apart should there be instances of strangulation.

Below are some of the attachments you can use for your custom lanyards:

1.  Bulldog Clip

The bulldog clip is probably the most traditional add-on for any custom lanyard. This nickel-plated steel clip can hold identification cards and badges.

2.  Swivel Hook

This is made from nickel-plated steel and can fit both a round cord and a 3/8-inch flat fabric lanyard. This steel swivel hook is specifically designed to ensure that it won’t easily break. This durable hook can perfectly hold identification cards.

3.  Key Ring

This is a very simple split key ring with 15/16 inches diameter. It can also hold identification cards and keys. Considered to be classy yet functional, a key ring can be used on custom lanyards, wrist coils, and badge reels.

4.  Neck Cord Loop

This is also known as length adjuster. With this adjustable cord lock, you can easily customize the length of the lanyard. Unlike other lanyard attachment, this is made from black plastic material that can last for several years. Inside the lock is a spring system which enables reliability and ease-of-use.

5.  Safety Breakaway

This attachment has a feature that allows for a quick breakaway should there be any choking incidents. In schools and hospitals where the probability of lanyards being snagged is high, it is highly recommended to use the safety breakaway attachment.

6.  Disconnect buckle

This is a type of attachment quite similar to Safety Breakaway. The difference is that the disconnect buckle is slightly thicker and is placed a few inches from the base of the lanyard. Just like the safety breakaway, this attachment is designed to reduce chances of accidental strangulation.

7.  Plastic J-Hook

This attachment is made of black plastic with an easy to open clasp. Basically, there is no need for any special features. You only need to hold the clasp to connect items such as keys and IDs to the hook.

8.  Cell Phone loop

This is specifically designed for cell phone lanyards. The loop is inserted in the cell phone loop holder. The black plastic material that holds the loop is made of lightweight urethane.

Now that you are familiar with different lanyard attachments, decide which ones are suitable for your custom lanyards.

Here are some tips in choosing the right attachment:

1.  Style

Flat and round lanyards will impact the kind of attachment you need to use. Measure the width of your lanyard to ensure that it will fit with your attachment. It is best to consult with your custom lanyard manufacturer so that you are guaranteed that your attachment goes well with your lanyard material.

2.  Safety

It is safer to wear lanyards with breakaway features. However, this might have additional charge to your purchases.

3.  Budget

Some attachments offers ease-of-use, as well as safety features. However, the prices may be slightly higher than those of traditional attachments. Before deciding on the attachment, check if it fits your budget first.

4.  Compatibility

Not only do you have to consider compatibility with the lanyard material, you also need to check whether the attachment can hold the item. There are identification card holes that might not be able to fit certain attachments. So, try them first before making a purchase.

Choosing the right lanyard is a bit time consuming, but at least you’ll be sure that you won’t end up wasting your money on something that isn’t right for your needs and preferences.

The-Lanyard-Factory, we strive to find the perfect, quality solution for your custom lanyards needs.

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3 Tips To Maximize Your Chat Software

agentOne of the best things that you can do for your business is to install chat software as one of your costumer support arms.Studies reported almost 20% of income boost for chat software users due to conversions. This is the crucial momentwhen the costumer is at the point of buying but is still hesitant due to some concerns or questions about the products or services.The timely engagement of a live chat agent has prevented abandonment of carts, in most cases.

According to other researches too, 30% of costumers who had positive experiences with live chat support system have returned to the websites where they were assisted with this type of costumer support. This is one indicator of howchat software could help grow your business- making satisfied costumers return to youasloyal patrons.

However, inappropriate utilization of chat software could turn the table against you. There are also reports of clients leaving the sites or cancelling ordersdue to inappropriate live chat support. Instead of being helpful, other people find them as nuisances.

Maximize your chat support costumer service by following these three simple tips.

  1. Invest in your people. The key to enjoying the maximum benefits of a chat support costumer service lies on how well trained your employees are when it comes to this type of service. You need to spend time, effort, finances and energy in ensuring that your chat support agents know how to do the following:
    1. Welcome the guests without being intrusive.
    2. Present company’s products or services in a perceptive manner.
    3. Answer the questions of the clients precisely and clearly.
    4. Respond to irate clients in a proper and calm way.
    5. Identify prank chatters and deal with them accordingly.
    6. Be helpful without being annoying.
    7. Close the sale.
    8. Make the visit of the guests worthwhile.

When your team becomes expert in meeting the needs of the clients, the growth of the company and its profits are just right behind you.

  1. Study all the software’s features. Most users of chat support just focus on answering the client’s concerns. Do you know that your software can do so much more than just that? Here are some of them:
    1. Tickets – when complex issues arise and one live chat is not enough to solve the matter, you can avail of the ticket feature of your software. In here, the costumer can fill up a ticket form (even when the agent is offline) and you can forward it to the assigned email address until the matter is remedied. In this way, you would be able to track the resolution of the concern, the time it took for it to be resolved and other pertinent data.
    2. Applications – such as mobile (you can still chat with your clients even when you are not in the office), web application (where no installation or set up is needed. You can start chatting right away) and cloud-based (this is about hosting of the live chat).
    3. Feedback – Avail of this feature to see how satisfied your client is with the agent and with the service.

3.sellers Make live chat service costumer-friendly even to non-computer savvy clients. Some clients can be intimidated with the presence of live chat agents popping up during their browsing. Others do not know how to use it. Both reasons can lead to abandonment of the site. Maximize your chat software by letting the clients know that you are in standby in case they would need anything. Make the tone of your conversation casual and friendly. Individualize your approach according to the response of the client.

These simple tips can bring the highest yield from your chat software.

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